26 Jun, 23

Rajendran Ganesan


As we can see most of our technologies are detrimental to the environment, I’m happy to see a technology that can save trees in a very big way. While none of my existing wooden window doors lock/ latch perfectly, my recent addition of ePVC windows to my balcony give smooth movement of the panes and perfect locking system; over and above an elegant look indeed! Thanks to the technology, I wonder how many cubic feet of wood is saved!

Akshara Polymers came one day, took the measurement in 10 minutes and installed it in half an hour in the next two days! I understand they were previously importing tubes and were just fabricating but now they have installed the machinery to manufacture the tubes themselves from the locally available Polymer granules, saving good amount of foreign exchange for the country as well! Great work Akshara Polymerss